The "Dordogne"

In the country of Bergerac, woods and rivers, the Dordogne benefits from a rich history, both patrimonial and in its gastronomy.
Over millennia, from the dawn of time to present day, nature has forged a landscape dominated by prodigious sites.
With caves, chasms, castles, gardens and ancient villages, the region is abundant in diversity.
The art of lifestyle has, over time, become a treasure of the Périgord; just one look at the local markets is proof enough of that.

Incomparable fois gras with truffles, not forgetting the penny bun mushrooms, the walnuts, the chestnuts, the duck breasts and, of course, the wine, all make for a gourmet visit that will entertain and excite the palette.

Whether it be ‘Vert’ in the north, ‘Blanc’ in the centre, ‘Pourpre’ near Bordeaux, or ‘Noir’ near to Massif-Central, the Périgord region has succeeded in maintaining its natural and varied magnificence.

So, allow yourself to be charmed by the Dordogne-Périgord, where well-being comes naturally.

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